Get free shared rides in Copenhagen

We’ve been working on a brand new ride-sharing platform, to be able to offer you incredibly low cost transport.

We’re offering unlimited free rides from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March.

Download the app, order a ride, and enjoy free transport.

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The free rides

Book your free shared ride between 20th and 24th March

Free transport

Hail a shared ride with Drivr, get dropped off, pay nothing. Easy.

In Copenhagen

Hail a ride anywhere in central Copenhagen, provided there’s a car going your way.

From 8am - 8pm

Between Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. Use it as often as you want during those hours.

Why free rides?

Everything gets better

Drivr is bringing low cost, door-to-door transport to everyone. Our concept is simple: we match passengers going in the same direction. By sharing your ride with others, we’re able to offer extremely low-cost transport. This also means fewer cars on the road, ultimately reducing congestion and pollution.

The pilot we’re running is designed to make sure that the small detours and waiting times required to group people together in a single vehicle are acceptable to everyone on board. That’s why we want as many people to try out the service and tell us how we’re doing.

Stay tuned on our facebook page.

Any questions?

Some of the things you’ve asked about

How long is the pilot running for?

The pilot will run from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March. Rides are available from 8am to 8pm, every day.

What is the purpose of this pilot?

We need to make sure our technology works well at scale. It’s easy to match to people along the same route, but we need to make sure that waiting times and detours aren’t too long for passengers. We’ve tested our tech extensively using models, but we need a real-world case to make sure it’s right. Every driver at the wheel will be a Drivr employee. Make sure you tell them what you think, or contact us at!

Where will I be able to use the service?

Rides will be available in central Copenhagen. You can book a ride from/to: Copenhagen K, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg, Vesterbro, Valby, Islands brygge, Christianshavn and “inner Amager".

More questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions about this pilot, feel free to contact us by emailing For press enquiries please email

Start riding for free from Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March

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